Joost Luiten over leuke golfbanen

Chris Bertram, samensteller van de Continental European Top 100 in National Club Golfer, sprak met Tourpro’s over wat een golfbaan leuk maakt:

““It’s right there in front of you”. Or “It’s not tricked up”. Or “I have good memories there”. That’s often about as insightful as it gets when you ask Tour pros to assess courses they like. Undeterred, we asked 20 leading European Tour names what makes a course fun to players for whom 99% of courses are simply so easy that they verge on tedious pitch and putts.
Guess what? We struck gold more often than we hit a brick wall. Here are the 12 best verdicts…”

Onder hen is Joost Luiten en hij zegt:

“Variation, a nice mix of holes. Not too many holes that are the same. Different types of par 3s, holes that change in direction. Good position of bunkering – it needs to have bunkers and run-offs in the right positions. I like plateaux in greens, not Mickey Mouse bumps but plateaux that you have to hit to get close to pins. Examples I would give you are De Pan, Hilversumsche and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.”

En de Belg Nicolas Colsaerts heeft het gehad met lange par-3’s:

“Everything in front of you. Distinct pin locations. Driveable par 4s. Short par 3s that require accurate shots – not this 200-yard sht that we get – it’s fcking boring (there are courses we play on tour where you think “really? What were they thinking?” ) Views are always welcome. Condition has to be good but it’s not crucial if you’re playing for fun.”

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